Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mass Effect M7 Assault Rifle (Part 1)

I'd been busy working on my armor from the series Mass Effect when I realized, every good solider needs his gun. So I commissioned a friend (Vrogy.net) to build me out a 3d model of the M7 Assault Rifle from the first Mass Effect game.  (Armor from ME2, weapon from ME1, I'm building bridges here people)

So after a couple weeks of pestering, I receive this in my email.  A rather accurate and nicely done piece of work.

So along I went to my local workshop, TechShopRDU (www.TechShopRDU.com) to mill this out on the ShopBot they have there.  4 hours later and I have the first half done, with the second half slated to be milled on Thursday.  If all goes well, the piece may be sealed and under rubber by the first of next week.

The  rough pass to remove as much material as possible, and to get the general shape of the piece cut.

The finishing pass to reveal all the intricate details

Left side after removal and a bit of clean up.  I accidentally broke the stock off while removing it from the main piece of tooling board.  /fail

For the barrels I'd rather not have to laser cut acrylic rings to string on a dowel since I do not have access to a lathe at the moment.  However, I may be able to trade some laser cutting services for these barrels if a certain fellow propmaker is up for it.  *hint hint*

More to come this week: I have laser cutter and shopbot time reserved on Thursday.  Expect a big update by weeks end.  Stay tuned kiddies!


  1. Hey, Nice work, haha, Do you know what program they sued to create the gun?