Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mass Effect M7 Assault Rifle update

I have a couple more greebles and detailing bits molded and cast, and the barrel ends nearly done.  Still waiting on a couple lathed pieces to come in, but patience is certainly a virtue.  I'm sure they will turn out awesomely.


Scope Eye piece

The destroyed, but somewhat salvaged mold.  Somehow, I didn't properly apply the mold release and the mold fused into one giant lump of silicone.  Notice the lack of registration keys that help align and secure the two halves of the mold.  To get around this, I cast the rifle in each side of the mold, then taped them together and poured resin in between them to seal the gap.  Jury-rigging to the extreme, but it's better than rebuilding the entire mold.

The scrap cast after seaming up both sides.  I've got a LOT of sanding ahead of me.

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