Monday, October 18, 2010

Collector Armor Day 1-3

Day 1 -  Right out of the gate I started coating the form with clay, not realizing just how much clay it was going to take.

 Day 2 -I've started to block out some of the musculature on the arm. 

At this point I'd used all of my clay and had to order another case of Chavant.   
Surprisingly heavy for how small a box it was.

Day 3 - The collar and back are starting to take shape.  I'm starting to lean more toward the concept art as my main reference (posted on the wall).  It's got a sleeker, more form fitting aesthetic that better conveys the ideals of the Collectors as a species of shadowy nightmares.  The in-game assets make Sheppard look more brutish and tank-like.  Hopefully I'll be in shape to wear this suit by the time I finish it. 

Nice 'stache Carlos

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