Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Collector Armor Day 4-6

Wow, it seems like people actually follow my blog.  I guess I owe it to yall to properly skin this page and make something presentable.  But in the meantime, I intend to keep up my chroniclization of the collector.  I'm "technically" on day 7, but my camera batteries died before I could snap any photos of the insectoid tendrils that flank the abs as if to say "YEAH! Check out this 10-pack!"

In other news, it looks as though I'm going to need to drop $Texas on another pallet of clay.  I'm down to my last 3 billets and I'm nowhere near the volume I'll need to finish the back assembly.  I just have to keep telling myself that this is an investment in a reusable resource.  Woof.

Day 4 -  The collar and "neck brace" begin to take shape.  I'm trying to take a Top-Down approach from here and finalize details up top while blocking out shapes and structures below.

Day 5 -  Looks like Carlos lost his mustache.  Eesh, I guess I should rename him Adolf.  Certainly is white enough.  The shoulder straps are reworked for the ump-teenth time.  A couple test details are sculpted into the chest.  The abs are bulked up and worked slightly.  

Day 6 - Focus shifts to the abdominals.  Symmetry still needs work as the basic plates are laid out under the Pecs.  The collar is finely detailed and nearly completed.

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