Monday, January 24, 2011

CnC milling on the ZenBot

So I royally Ef'ed up on the Collector this week - I spaced out and forgot to add catalyst to a batch of fiberglass when working up the mold on the left arm.   It made a huge mess, fouled a lot of my clay, and cost me about 30 hours of labor.  I spent all morning cleaning up a soping pile of resin and clay and getting the sculpt back in order.  The plan from here on out will be to sculpt and everything else, then come back to the arms.  I'm really tired of building out those details.
In other news, I took a break tonight from the clay, resin, and tears and headed down to the garage to work on the Collector helmet.  I'm cutting the N7 helmet in foam to use as a base for sculpting the collector details over.  Since it's only an armature, I just did a quick and dirty run.  This was the first project on the ZenBot to really run it through it's paces.


Collector armor 11-13

Day 11-

I got a little done this weekend, trying to wrap the details on the arm.  I'm having trouble getting it to that next level, getting it to really pop.  Cleaning the "sludge" leftover from smoothing and getting the musculature between the plates right has been a real pain in the butt. 

"Day" 12 -

I got started in on the mold for the right arm today -

Gel Coat

Fiberglass Mat

Cleaning the clay of out these molds is an extreeme exercise in futility.

Day 13 -

Resculpted the abs.  The symmetry here is nearly shored up and should be ready for final detailing soon.

I'm really going to enjoy sculpting those insectoid tendrils that wrap around the torso.