Sunday, April 3, 2011

Halo 1 Flood Spore


Here's a commission piece I'm working on for a Halo fan film.  What's that? Actual work you say?  Not a hack?! I know, too good to be true, but here it is!  I'm going for a slightly cartoonish look to accentuate the sacs and folds around the side.  This exaggerated detail should really pop on film so it should be interesting to see this critter on a fishing line running after a marine.

.... days / weeks pass ....


Latex mold and plaster bandage jacket.  It took over a week to build up the latex for this mold.  It has about 15 layers on, but I'd be happier with another 5 or 10 layers on it. 

Plaster jacket done!  Less than two hours and 20 bucks for a full mother mold? I'm sold!

First flood from the mold.  *Squeezy squeezy*  It's cast in FlexFoamX.  A little denser than I'd like, but it gets a great skin on it.  I'm hoping I can replicate these results in FFV.  It expands 4x more so I can save a little $ on materials.

Tomorrow I'll break out the airbrush and see what I can do about painting this mother.

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